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Our Story

Reverend William T. Hall, in the service of the Pennsylvania Baptist Convention, held a series of meetings resulting in the salvation of many souls. Thanks to this evangelistic campaign, Reverend Mr. Hall called a meeting on June 24, 1841 and a group of twenty-eight baptized believers organized and formed the Independent Regular Baptist Church of Muncy. The church name later changed to Muncy Baptist Church and was admitted to the Northumberland Baptist Association. The building of the old church at South Market and High Streets was commenced in 1841, but was not completed and dedicated until March 1, 1843. A need for larger facilities gave birth to the movement for a more spacious church edifice.


The building of a new church was proposed and completed by Reverend L. J. Shoemaker, the pastor at that time. On November 22, 1896, the present edifice was dedicated to the service of God. 

Since its original dedication in 1896, the current church building has seen a number of changes over the past 120 years. The church has enjoyed both growth and endured difficult seasons, but the faithfulness of God has sustained congregation. In recent years, the church has undergone a period of revival and renewal.  In 2013, Reverend Rob Rice was called as our pastor. Pastor Rob brings with him a great desire and passion to draw people closer to God. At this time, the church also began major renovations. So far, the sanctuary and adjoining rooms have been completed. This work included installation of new pews, re-purposing the adjoining fellowship room, and installation of air conditioning. Currently, the church is beginning renovations of the kitchen and basement to make those areas more accessible and inviting for our church family and the community.   


Along with these physical changes, God is alive and working in the lives of our members. We look forward to the coming years as we watch God continue to work and trust in His goodness and love. 

Then & Now:

Postcard of our church building dating back to 1910

Our church today

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